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"Being first time dog owners, NWCT answered all of our questions before, after, and even during the adoption process. While we did our research in hopes of being successful dog parents, our Cairn Terrier's smart and diligent nature made it that much easier. Wether at the park, in our home, camping, or on a road trip, our pup Ruby is the star of the show. We often hear comments regarding her friendly nature, how good she is with our 3 elementary age kids, and how nice she is with other animals. NWCT intentional care, provision, and love for their dogs is evident. We highly recommend them!" ~ Luft Family



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Here at Northwest Cairn Terriers I want to include you in every step of your new puppy's journey. You can enjoy daily Facebook and Instagram posts that look into the behind the scenes lives of our "pack". Everything from pregnancy announcements, to trips to the park, to adorable videos of your puppy growing up before you even bring them home. We send weekly "pupdates" so you can watch your puppy grow. As a certified veterinary technician my background in science gives me a great understanding of the necessary care and health testing to keep our small breeding program high quality. Message us today about joining our waitlist to be notified about new puppies as soon as they're born. Pining for our childhood dogs, when my husband and I began our search for our first dog together, we found that finding outstanding breeders is very hard! I want every pawrent that chooses one of our puppies to feel included in the process, respected, and above all that their new fur family member has had the very best care from the beginning. Someday we hope that this is the new standard for all puppies raised everywhere, and that will be determined by how many homes have the same integrity that you do and the breeders they choose to support!


Watch Our Favorite Cairn Terrier Video on the internet! Go to our About Us page to see a video of the dogs here at Northwest Cairn Terriers



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"Toby is a joy . . ."

"What can I say - Toby is a joy. He loves visitors (human & canine) and there is no end to his energy to entertain. He loves to be outdoors. He hunts, digs, chases squirrels, and is very interested in birds. Quail being his favorite. he loves to play keep away/catch me if you can. He certainly keeps us on our toes. . .Toby minds well and is very affectionate. A quick learner and eager to please. . . we enjoy him so much" ~Solus Family


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