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More on Avoiding Cairn Terrier Puppy Scammers

Thank you to our undercover agents and some fabulous Facebook maneuvering by some wonderful volunteers new recent information has come to light regarding Cairn Terrier Puppy scammers!

At the time of this writing the scammers claim that their "children" help them receive the payments electronically because they are "old" what's so laughable at this entire situation is the scammer sent pictures of my puppies and dogs in front of a hand painted mural in my living room to the undercover agent claiming 2 females were the "parents" of the litter and that photos of 3 separate wheaten puppies were "the puppy" she would receive. They requested payment through Apple Pay and Zelle and would accept no other methods. It seems these may be the easiest platforms to take people's money and put it directly in an online account with no re-course for ripping people off.

Next for my test of the Cairn Terrier Facebook Groups. My simple test was to post a free article on how to avoid puppy scammers to each group I was in. Guess what, not only was it immediately deleted from one group but the scammer must always get closer to their handy work they made the mistake of messaging me about deleting the post (maybe to avoid suspicion?) I offered to the group admin that they were welcome to ad it as a file/ resource in the group without crediting me to help people avoid scams. Upon their blatant refusal (confusing to me!) I dug into their profile which suspiciously looks like a fake account. This group is currently named CAIRN TERRIER LOVERS UNITE and the admin unwilling to allow anti-scam information to be shared is "Andrea Baillargeon". I do not have proof that this group is in-fact a feeding ground for scammers, but I believe based on my interactions that it is.

Harsh? I don't think so. Not considering these scammers have wrapped peoples emotions around puppies they never intend to deliver (because they don't even have any in the first place) but they've stolen literally thousands. Unfortunately it being an internet crime the authorities don't know what to do with it. I guess if it isn't millions it doesn't turn heads. To me it is important.

If Cairn Terrier Lovers Unite the group would like to be REMOVED from suspicion they can provide a simple resource to their group educating them about puppy scammers then forward proof to me that they've done so.

The KNOWN facebook scammer group has changed names twice. It is currently known as " Healthy Cairn Terriers Puppies Available For Adoption and Rehoming" THIS IS IMPORTANT There are many admins "Debbie Clifton" is the main fake scammer Facebook account stealing peoples money (This I have proof of again and AGAIN) not to mention many of the pictures and videos they use are of my child and my puppies. These scammers do not currently have a website. They will allow phone calls and can be very convincing on the phone.

If you want to join the good fight one of the best ways we can fight these scammers since Facebook won't remove them is to bombard them with messages interested in puppies with no intention of purchasing. This could be enough to spur them into moving on as already my small crew has ruffled their feathers quite well.

These scammers go so far as to offer an address (the most recent in Colorado) Little to say wether the address provided has any real connection to the scammer. More soon as I've made it my personal mission to bring these assholes to justice.

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