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Northwest Cairn Terriers has multiple locations throughout the Pacific Northwest with it's main base being in Longview, Washington. We believe this is better for the health and well being of our dogs while allowing us to maintain genetic diversity. Every puppy is raised in a family environment with daily handling and socialization. While we are spread out across the Pacific Northwest we operate as one team, and one family.

When selecting Cairn Terrier females for our breeding program, we carefully examine every aspect of the dog. As a general rule, we do not breed any dog that we wouldn't want to personally own. If a Cairn Terrier has an undesirable trait, their offspring likely will as well. Conformation, temperament, and health testing all play into our breeding decisions.

We are always happy to help puppy homes select a dog for their intended purposes. A dog with enough drive to participate in sports such as barn hunting or agility will likely come from a different litter than one content to be a lap dog with a short daily walk. 

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Lost Creek Roy x Lost Creek Weasel 2nd generation NWCT on the female side, Rosie was born a NWCT dog and was selected for her gorgeous conformation and coat to preserve lines that thrive as pets, farm dogs, and in the show ring. Her full sister "Lost Creek Sable" placed best of breed and won many classes in her short show career. Rosie is one of our larger females weighing around 16lbs. Rosie has a strong prey drive, and is a wonderful mole hunter.



Lost Creek Roy x Small Treasures A Free Elf, "Pepper" was born a NWCT dog and is full of lively personality. Following the footsteps of her mother she is fantastic with children and other animals (as long as they're not squirrels) Pepper actively watches the TV and has a cute "bunny hop" she does when playing in the yard. Pepper meets the american standard being right around 14lbs. Pepper's babies will be best suited to homes that want an active family member.

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Hickory Hollow Scoundrel x Small Treasures Maisie, "Sophie" is sired by a NWCT sire and her mother was born here and is a full sister to Lost Creek Sable, and Mount Solo Queen of thorns. Sophie is very sweet and intelligent dog. She is great with children and other animals, and her puppies have proven to match her laid back disposition, and to fit well in a wide variety of homes.



Hickory Hollow Scoundrel x Small Treasures A Free Elf, this maternal half sister to Mount Solo Mighty Mouse is sweet and easy going. Fern was born at NWCT and kept back to preserve her mothers line which has influenced Cairn breeding in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Fern is a medium energy cairn that is great with children and other animals. She takes after her fathers side with her stout frame. Though Fern is short in stature she is dense weighing in around 15lbs.



As the name implies "Dakota" joins us from South Dakota. She has a nice harsh coat that is easy to keep groomed and is small in stature only weighing about 12lbs. She is adorable and has a cheeky Cairn Terrier personality.



Daughter of Small Treasures Dorothy, Storm was born here at NWCT and is sired by her guardian home's male "Toto". Storms maternal grandmother was imported from Poland. She takes the most after her maternal grandfather Hickory Hollow Scoundrel AKA "Scamp" who is also an American Standard sized cairn, silver in color, with the sweetest personality.



Sired by NWCT sire Hickory Hollow Scoundrel, Goldie is small in stature only weighing about 12lbs. She is a gorgeous gold wheaten color, and is an active Cairn who's puppies will thrive in busy households. Goldie is affectionate while also being independent and is always up for an adventure. She takes strongly after her mother "Nugget" who is owned by a family near Seattle WA. We fell in love with Nugget's small but mighty personality, and feel blessed to have her daughter as part of our program.



Dolly joins us from retired breeder Sandstone Cairns in Utah and is a perfect and petite Cairn Terrier female, her coat and conformation is perfect for the breed standard. Her grey brindle coat is coarse and easy to maintain. She is very sweet and loves children.

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Joining us from the East Coast, "Scamps" bloodlines trace from American Standard show lines. He has a wonderful disposition and coat, and has had a great influence on our program. He seems to compliment every pairing we have tried with him. Scamp is an easy dog to love as he is affectionate without being overbearing, and he never instigates any shenanigans as terriers are wont to do. Scamp's coat and conformation is quality enough for the show ring, but where he shines is as a family dog. Scamp is small in stature and weighs about 15lbs.



Joining us from Utah, "Buddy" is the best of both worlds being both conformationally correct, and kind to children and other animals. He has great energy that is easily directed, and is a nice size weighing about 16lbs. He stamps his puppies with his looks, and his puppies thrive in a variety of homes. He has both the temperament to be a family pet and the bone density and structure to hold up to athletic pursuits.



Sired by Gustopherson, Terry is a half brother to a sire that was very influential to our original program "Lost Creek Roy". These lines had fabulous success in the show ring in Florida and surrounding areas. He has many champions top and bottom, and passes his great conformation to his offspring. Terry is very sweet and is a family dog whos best friend is a golden retriever. Terry is an amiable love bug, and he often throws his size and density to his offspring. Terry weighs approximately 16-17lbs.



Joining us from retired breeder Sandstones Cairns in Utah Knox is sired by our original male that we purchased from Texas "Lost Creek Bandit" Knox is a sturdy Wheaten Male and we are so excited to have him here with us to carry on the legacy of Bandit. He has a wonderful disposition, conformation, and coat.

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Our long search for a health tested female resulted in this gorgeous girl joining us from the Midwest. She has an adventurous and loyal personality, and her puppies are much the same.



This handsome boys pedigree is stacked with international champions. He joined us all the way from Belarus in 2022 and will sire his first litters in 2024. He has an amiable and sweet personality, and with his stout and fluffy conformation he draws the eye of everyone who meets him.

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Cairn Terrier Puppy


"The Vet was beyond thrilled at Parsley's health, perfect bite, and obvious cuteness! They asked for your info so I gave it to them all because she was over the moon joyed to meet such a perfect baby Angel" ~ Mary


Our puppies live in all kinds of homes from high rise apartments to remote farms. Cairn Terriers are a wonderfully versatile breed that will fit most any lifestyle for a caring dedicated owner. Our dogs are boat dogs, jet setters, mole hunters, lap warmers, and just about anything else their pawrents wish them to be.

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"It's Kathryn and Johnthony! Wanted to touch base as yesterday was our one year adoption day anniversary :) Can't believe it's already been a year since we flew out to pick him up from you. 

Johnthony (Luna x Roy 12/21/21 litter) is thriving and doing so well. He takes after his mom Luna and is a bit on the smaller side, weighing in at around 12 lbs. He is in perfect health and our local vets office LOVE him. He's one of their favorites when he comes in for check ups :) In the past year, my husband and I welcomed our first child, a son named Webb, and Johnny could not be a better family dog. He's very gentle and so far doesn't mind all of the crying and late night wake ups. We are so excited to watch them grow up together!

He's got a big cairn personality and loves greeting and playing with other dogs. He's made some dog pals in the neighborhood who he enjoys playing with and even though they are all much larger than he is, he loves wrestling and chasing them around. Johnny also loves being outdoors--we take him out on our boat regularly to go fishing, he loves swimming in shallow water and will sit in the backyard in the sun for hours. He absolutely hates squirrels and rabbits and makes it his mission to keep them out of our yard by chasing them down and barking at them. 

We are trying to keep him true to his cairn roots so have been taking him to a former cairn show handler to have him handstripped. He has a beautiful brindle coat, with lots of red/orange peaking through and it continues to surprise us color-wise as he grows. 

Overall, we just love Johnthony so much and are so thankful to Northwest Cairns for adding him to our family. He has been such a wonderful addition and we are grateful that he came from a healthy and happy home, which helped set the foundation for the spunky, good boy we have today!"

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