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Links to My Amazon Favorites

We get asked all of the time about our favorite chew toys for cairn terrier puppies, cairn terrier grooming tools, crates, toys, etc.

I've compiled a quick list of my favorites:

Grooming table: When Cairn Terriers need hand stripped it's very helpful if they're still. This table is awesome because it folds up and fits in a closet, and is at a comfortable height that I do not have to bend over or stand/sit in an uncomfortable position while grooming. LINK HERE

Taste of the wild high prairie puppy: Quality dog food means they eat less, poop less, have less health problems, less coat issues, I've even heard other breeders say they noticed when switching between foods that they had higher fertility rates on the better food. I feed Taste of The Wild High Prairie to all of my puppies, pregnant bitches, and lactating mommas. Always forgetting to buy dog food? Put it on auto-ship (That's what I do!). LINK HERE

Stripping blade set: An absolutely essential piece of your grooming kit. I love how this set has a lot of different blade options for their face versus their body. If you've never used a stripping blade on your cairn you don't know what you're missing out on! Strip out that dense undercoat and enjoy the peace of finding even less hairs with your vacuum. LINK HERE

Puppy Crate: Every excited new puppy owners shopping dilemma, what crate to buy? My advice, don't over think it! Your puppy is going to outgrow it quickly anyways. I personally prefer double door crates (not top door) so I can set things on top of the crate if my hands are full, and if I need to move it when family comes over etc. there are multiple door options with how it fits in a room. LINK HERE

Embroidered collar: Have I ever mentioned how much I hate dog tags? Let's face it, cairns are low to the ground and those pesky tags can get caught in anything. Worst case scenario your dog is trapped somewhere by their tag, best case scenario it rips off (but then they don't have any identification on) Save yourself the headache and get and embroidered collar with your phone number on it. These are my absolute favorites and I buy them for all of my dogs. LINK HERE

Zukes treats: Northwest Cairn Terrier pack approved, we've fed these treats over 10 years. They work for puppies and veterans alike, and aren't going to fill them up or make them uninterested in engaging. LINK HERE

Dentastix: I have my dogs checked at their vet appointments, and they rarely need teeth cleanings. My vet has joked they have a german shepherd mouth on a tiny body, which is a good thing! A lot of small dog breeds have crooked terrible growing teeth (not cairns) so the big things is KEEP THEM CLEAN, easy enough with chew sticks LINK HERE

Chew Toy: Use common sense with ALL chew toys, if it looks like they could swallow it (you'd be surprised) take it away, however, these aren't Labrador retrievers we are talking about (I know about that first hand too) Cairns are moderate chewers at best, but they DO need something to chew on. These work great LINK HERE

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