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April 2022- What's New At The Farm

Aloha Terrier Family!

2022 has brought its share of challenges and adventures already! Thanks to the suggestions of a loyal follower, I will be pulling back our social media presence and use our website instead to keep you all updated about what’s going on.

April 4th, we welcomed 2 litters in the same morning! Both Scamp x Skye and Dorothy x Toto babies are healthy and gorgeous. Skye’s litter is already completely spoken for, and I am slowly working down our waitlist for Dorothy’s boys. Our waitlist is currently open for males and families joining the waitlist at the time I am writing this post will likely bring home a puppy from Sable’s May litter with Scamp or Dobby’s June litter with Terry. Sable is our accomplished winning show female and Dobby has only 2 litters left planned with us before retirement including the one due in June.

Otter and Munch will likely be coming into heat sometime between now and June and we plan to breed them both to Scamp. Both litters are much anticipated and very exciting! Otter is a 3rd generation dog for us and full sister to both Rosie and Sable. We also will be breeding Anna (Our Norwich Terrier) for the very first time towards the end of 2022. Her first litter will be a Cairn Terrier x Norwich Terrier cross litter that we will keep the females from to eventually produce a ¾ Norwich ¼ cairn cross that will hopefully trade some of the hardy health traits of the cairns over to the Norwich lines.

We will have one wheaten female cairn terrier puppy available to guardian home locally in the very near future. Guardian homes foster our breeding dogs for 3 litters in which time we pay their regular veterinary expenses and provide doggy daycare during vacations. At the end of their breeding career we adopt the dog for free to their guardian home. Please email for guardian home applications!

Please email me for non-urgent communications! If you need a same day response, then it is ok to call or text. I have my toddler son with me much of the time, and I am also returning to work in my horse career as a riding school owner. Thanks all!


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