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At this time we've decided to take a step back from guardian homes. We aren't looking to grow our breeding program beyond its current size and do not have any guardian dogs available in the foreseeable future. Thank you for your interest.

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Breeding Done Right

So how do you maintain a large enough program to promote genetic diversity without becoming a "Kennel"? (Don't get us wrong, a good kennel still provides amazing care for their dogs, it's just not what we want for our program). A responsible breeder must be able to quarantine sick dogs from other dogs, as well as separate in heat females to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The dilemma is, when you have several dogs, this can be nearly impossible to do inside of your home. We want all of the dogs in our program to be pets, so how can we have enough dogs to have a responsible program AND keep them as pets instead of kenneled dogs? Our answer: Incredible local families! Our Guardian Homes keep our breeding dogs in their homes as pets. Once the dog is retired from breeding, the dog's ownership is signed to their Guardian Home, and they stay there furever. We have an application process, and only a few Guardian Home opportunities per year. Several of our Guardian Homes have had the opportunity to raise their dog from a puppy, and so have a special bond with their dogs from the very beginning.We love our Guardian Home families!

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Debi S

As a guardian home, I can say this has been such a pleasure! Finlay and I love Skye and Leilani has made this such a pleasant experience!

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