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Puppy Health Records

Approaching a decade of breeding now it's safe to say we have some experience under our belts. I've started re-vamping my puppy record materials & contracts to be more aesthetically pleasing not only for my own Cairn Terrier puppy clients but also so that I can offer them to other breeders. As a breeder myself, I know what they need to include.

Our puppy health record includes a detailed history of the puppy's medical history including de-worming, vaccinations, date of birth, gender, color, markings, and parents. This digital download is standard US letter size and can be saved on your device or printed and kept in a binder. Print and re-use as many times as you'd like. This record is designed with breeders and young puppies in mind. You can purchase it from my Etsy store: GET THE PUPPY HEALTH RECORD

Thank you loyal readers for your support as I continue to do my best to bring you the best.

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