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Owned by a Terrier

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

There's nothing quite like being owned by a Terrier. Throughout my life I've been owned by many terriers, and many different Terrier breeds. After losing my beloved Scottie I grieved for 4 years before adding a terrier back in my life. During this time I completed Veterinary Technician school and passed the VTNE which is a national board exam that all Certified and Licensed Veterinary Technicians must pass. The hunt for my next terrier continued, and the list was long. I wanted a spunky and cheerful small dog that didn't shed very much and that was largely free of health problems. Deciding on the Cairn Terrier the next difficult task came in locating one. As it turns out these wonderful little dogs can be hard to find! It didn't take long and we fell so deeply in love with our first Cairn Terrier that we wanted a second one. The search continued and in the end we settled on raising them ourselves to share our love of Cairn Terriers with local families that also were having a hard time finding them. We imported Cairns from across the US including Florida, Virginia, and Texas. Starting our breeding program with such diverse bloodlines has been a blessing that has provided us with several litters of genetically diverse and healthy puppies. I still remember my excitement in bringing home my very first Cairn Terrier puppy and hope to recreate that experience for many more homes to come. Even though the hours are long, and it is very hard to see our babies go, knowing that we are providing people with over a decade of unconditional love fills our hearts with joy.

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